We deliver the high quality personal international services.
We focus on the essence: goals.


As international mediators we mediate in the prevention of conflict and the resolution of conflict.

We also train lawyers in mediation.

2020 Lawyers of the Bar of Gitega, Bujumbura and the two ‘bâtonniers’, presidents of the bars.

In this area we trained 6 lawyers in Burundi from the bar in Bujumbura and Gitega in mediation in collaboration with ASF, Avocats sans frontières because of the publication of our book on mediation.

We were invited as keynote speaker in international conference in USA, Washington and India (online).


Facilitation and lobbying is part of our career since 1992.

First in Belgium, since 2003 internationally. Europe, Africa (6 countries), Asia (Hong Kong), USA.

Legal assistance

Our Brussels law firm in 2011

We deliver legal services since 1988. First as members of the bar in belgium. Since 2003 as an international law firm and since 2015 as international legal consultants.


Projects mainly in ICT and construction, monitoring and evaluation.

Representation and networking

We represent clients to governmental services for the foundation of companies, opening of bank accounts, application of permits, …