Welcome to LMFi.one member of the DOUTTI-group led by Stephan DOUKHOPELNIKOFF.


At LMFi.one we are:
legal consultants to assist with contracts, business law, ICT regulation, copyright, branding.
mediators, to prevent and solve conflicts,
facilitators, to reach your goals as an organisation or as a team,
– negotiators, to create the best deals,
– problem solvers, to clear your path,
– project- and transformational managers when things get out of control,

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Our strengths

We are business lawyers since 1988 and part of the Belgian Bar till 2014.
We are mediators since 2013 (Brussels) and 2015 (Cape Town).
We deal with people of different backgrounds and of whatever origins.
Diversity is our richness.
Our open mind doesn’t have borders.
As trustworthy world citizens of high reputation, we handle challenges personally.